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The Many Faces of Christopher Schasse

December 14, 2013  -  

Speaking of facial hair, we are now ready to release the video that many of us, myself including, have been eagerly awaiting.

For those of you that didn’t see our Kickstarter post, this introductory video, or any photo of Chris Schasse at all throughout the summer, let me bring you up to speed. After we reached our initial goal of raising $1000 through Kickstarter, Schasse up the stakes. He promised to shave his head and face at the start of our adventure and let both grow out for the rest of the summer. He took a picture of himself every day of the trip and compiled them into one stunning stop-motion video.

I personally think that the man looks best with medium length hair and a little bit of stubble. However, due to his oddly fast growing facial hair and extremely slow growing head hair, I didn’t get to see my favorite look on him this summer. Other people will tell you that he looks ruggedly handsome with all the facial hair he accumulated throughout the trip. So I’ll let you be the judge…Which Chris Schasse do you like best?

As a final note to our female viewers, I will add this: Schasse is single and willing to take requests with his hair, beard, and mustache styles. Your move, ladies.

The Third Annual Mustache Video

December 8, 2013  -  

For the last three years, I’ve hosted an Ultimate Frisbee party called Six Pack and a Stache. This party takes place after No Shave November, and everyone on the team shaves their beards off… but leaves the mustaches. This year, me and several of my teammates created a video for the event. This video was filmed and edited in 6 hours on Saturday, December 7th, and was shown at the party that night. Most the actors were recruited on the spot, and all the music was recorded on set.

PS – There were a lot of people that helped out with this film, but I do not know their names. So if you helped out with this film leave a comment and I will get my mom to make you fudge!

Matt Sorensen

November 20, 2013  -  



Meet Matt – one of the many Kickstarter backers that made this trip possible (and also the youngest). Matt is currently a Freshman in college, and is playing Ultimate Frisbee for the Minnesota Ugly Ducklings. I had a chance to play against him at the Eau Claire Chillout, a tournament we host every year.

Matt’s brother is one of Eau Claire’s former captains, Josh Rizzo, who both captained myself and James Wagner when we were freshman in college. Josh has been an inspiration to both Wags and myself throughout the years, and his music was an inspiration to us on our long drives during our trip.

Matt, we appreciate your support, and your commitment to Ultimate in your community. As a thank you, I’ve included a video I made in high school of myself kicking your brother in the nuts. I hope you enjoy it!

And We’re Back!

August 29, 2013  -  

We are back in Eau Claire (well, at least I am, Wags is back in Minneapolis now), and we created a video outlining for you where The Break Side plans on going from here. I do have to say, though, that we were both severely sleep deprived while making this video, and at the time it seemed like a good idea to me to have Wags play Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on his ukulele while I harmonized to his singing.

It wasn’t. Wags can hardly play the ukulele, and neither of us can sing. To be frank, we ruined a great song, and for that, I apologize. If Leonard Cohen was dead, he would be rolling over in his grave. Fortunately for us, he isn’t, so we’re still going to post this video. Sorry Leonard!

The Drive to Darwin

August 26, 2013  -  
Maria and Carol about to enjoy their meal!

Marie and Carol about to enjoy their meal!

If you’ve ever spent any time in South Dakota, you know that apart from a few square miles in the southwest corner, there isn’t much to the place. As such, when we were finished in the Black Hills, we decided just to bite the bullet and high tail it back to Minnesota. After about ten hours on the road, we made it to Darwin around 11 pm to spend the night with my Aunt and Uncle, Carol and Art.

After a few beers when we arrived Friday night, we went to sleep dreaming of the steak stir fry we’d be having for lunch. But before we went to buy the ingredients, we had one more surprise up our sleeves. Yes that’s right, we hide multiple surprises in each of our sleeves. My other Aunt, Marie, has been one of The Break Side’s biggest fans, so we wanted to include her in on our meal. Carol invited her over for lunch, but she had no idea that Chris and I would be there. When I answered the door, she was very shocked and even shed a few happy tears!

Now Darwin’s claim to fame is that it’s home to the largest ball of twine rolled by a single person, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you skip it and just hang out at Dunns Lake for a day. After our meal, Carol and Marie asked us to show off our skills, so we grabbed a few discs and tried to film ourselves laying out off the dock. We were mostly unsuccessful, but a few of the local kids joined in, so we decided to hold a contest to give away Joey Q’s disc.

William and Chance both had their eye on a disc, so I said I would throw it up into the lake and whoever caught it would get to keep it. If neither of them came down with it, we would do it again until someone caught it. It took a few tries (27, more or less) but Chance finally came up with the sick grab over the smaller Will. But, in a move that would make the disc donor, Joey Quintana proud, he gave the disc to Will because “he needs it more.”

Mount Rushmore

August 23, 2013  -  

YMCA-CrewAfter the Wind Caves, we made the short hike (OK, we drove) to Mount Rushmore, where apparently there are four presidents whose heads are carved into the mountain. Furthermore, these heads seem to drive pretty much the entire economy of Southwest South Dakota, so how could we skip Mount Rushmore?

I don’t know a lot about the personal lives of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln, but I’m willing to bet that none of them had as good of a hammer as Chris Schasse. For that reason, we decided to give them, and all the other onlookers, a show in the amphitheater located beneath the statues. It took three tries for Chris to throw it lightly enough to stay in the amphitheater, but I don’t have as big a hammer, so I figured I’d fare a little better.

After watching us boost a few throws back and forth, some members of an adult YMCA program located in LA wanted to try their hand at it. Unfortunately, a park ranger put the kibosh on our fun before anyone else got a chance. We salvaged the moment by tossing a disc around for a bit, and had almost as much fun. Chris decided that we should give the group a disc that they can use for the rest of the trip. Check out John and Lindsay posing with their new disc, courtesy of Clark Anderson.

Mount Rushmore was great to see, but both Chris and I agreed it would be better if they added Bryan Thomson.

Skyd Magazine

August 15, 2013  -  

Skyd MagazineIn addition to being the location for Five Ultimate, Seattle is also home to the Skyd Magazine office. Chris and I met the Editor-In-Chief/President, Elliot Trotter, for lunch on Thursday. Also at the table was Typical Ted, who you might recognize from his taco_video.

We had a great time sharing Ultimate stories over lunch at CJ’s. Both Elliot and Ted play Ultimate at a high level, and are very connected within the Seattle scene. It was interesting to listen to them talk about elite Ultimate and hear the crazy stories they had to share.

Elliot and our buddy Jonathan from Five Ultimate both play for the Seattle Voodoo, who we got to watch play at Kleimman Eruption. They were practicing that night and said it would be cool if we came to check them out.

Voodoo was preparing for the Colorado cup, so practice consisted of a lot of offensive line vs defensive line drills and scrimmaging. Trotter demonstrated the easiest way to swing the disc across the field (scoober) while Masler came up with the sickest layout of the practice.

Good luck to Voodoo the rest of the season and of course to Typical Ted on any future typical shot videos. And good luck to Lisa Anderson on continuing to be super awesome. Although I don’t think she’ll need it.

The song is “Tongue Roller” by DJ Ananzi