Matt Sorensen

November 20, 2013  -  



Meet Matt – one of the many Kickstarter backers that made this trip possible (and also the youngest). Matt is currently a Freshman in college, and is playing Ultimate Frisbee for the Minnesota Ugly Ducklings. I had a chance to play against him at the Eau Claire Chillout, a tournament we host every year.

Matt’s brother is one of Eau Claire’s former captains, Josh Rizzo, who both captained myself and James Wagner when we were freshman in college. Josh has been an inspiration to both Wags and myself throughout the years, and his music was an inspiration to us on our long drives during our trip.

Matt, we appreciate your support, and your commitment to Ultimate in your community. As a thank you, I’ve included a video I made in high school of myself kicking your brother in the nuts. I hope you enjoy it!

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