Mount Rushmore

August 23, 2013  -  

YMCA-CrewAfter the Wind Caves, we made the short hike (OK, we drove) to Mount Rushmore, where apparently there are four presidents whose heads are carved into the mountain. Furthermore, these heads seem to drive pretty much the entire economy of Southwest South Dakota, so how could we skip Mount Rushmore?

I don’t know a lot about the personal lives of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln, but I’m willing to bet that none of them had as good of a hammer as Chris Schasse. For that reason, we decided to give them, and all the other onlookers, a show in the amphitheater located beneath the statues. It took three tries for Chris to throw it lightly enough to stay in the amphitheater, but I don’t have as big a hammer, so I figured I’d fare a little better.

After watching us boost a few throws back and forth, some members of an adult YMCA program located in LA wanted to try their hand at it. Unfortunately, a park ranger put the kibosh on our fun before anyone else got a chance. We salvaged the moment by tossing a disc around for a bit, and had almost as much fun. Chris decided that we should give the group a disc that they can use for the rest of the trip. Check out John and Lindsay posing with their new disc, courtesy of Clark Anderson.

Mount Rushmore was great to see, but both Chris and I agreed it would be better if they added Bryan Thomson.

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