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August 15, 2013  -  

Skyd MagazineIn addition to being the location for Five Ultimate, Seattle is also home to the Skyd Magazine office. Chris and I met the Editor-In-Chief/President, Elliot Trotter, for lunch on Thursday. Also at the table was Typical Ted, who you might recognize from his taco_video.

We had a great time sharing Ultimate stories over lunch at CJ’s. Both Elliot and Ted play Ultimate at a high level, and are very connected within the Seattle scene. It was interesting to listen to them talk about elite Ultimate and hear the crazy stories they had to share.

Elliot and our buddy Jonathan from Five Ultimate both play for the Seattle Voodoo, who we got to watch play at Kleimman Eruption. They were practicing that night and said it would be cool if we came to check them out.

Voodoo was preparing for the Colorado cup, so practice consisted of a lot of offensive line vs defensive line drills and scrimmaging. Trotter demonstrated the easiest way to swing the disc across the field (scoober) while Masler came up with the sickest layout of the practice.

Good luck to Voodoo the rest of the season and of course to Typical Ted on any future typical shot videos. And good luck to Lisa Anderson on continuing to be super awesome. Although I don’t think she’ll need it.

The song is “Tongue Roller” by DJ Ananzi

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