The Many Faces of Christopher Schasse

December 14, 2013  -  

Speaking of facial hair, we are now ready to release the video that many of us, myself including, have been eagerly awaiting.

For those of you that didn’t see our Kickstarter post, this introductory video, or any photo of Chris Schasse at all throughout the summer, let me bring you up to speed. After we reached our initial goal of raising $1000 through Kickstarter, Schasse up the stakes. He promised to shave his head and face at the start of our adventure and let both grow out for the rest of the summer. He took a picture of himself every day of the trip and compiled them into one stunning stop-motion video.

I personally think that the man looks best with medium length hair and a little bit of stubble. However, due to his oddly fast growing facial hair and extremely slow growing head hair, I didn’t get to see my favorite look on him this summer. Other people will tell you that he looks ruggedly handsome with all the facial hair he accumulated throughout the trip. So I’ll let you be the judge…Which Chris Schasse do you like best?

As a final note to our female viewers, I will add this: Schasse is single and willing to take requests with his hair, beard, and mustache styles. Your move, ladies.

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