Five Ultimate

August 9, 2013  -  


We’ve been in Seattle for a few days now and we’ve kept busy meeting some pretty cool people. Our friend from Flagstaff suggested a few people to contact and of course, they turned out to be really awesome.

On Wednesday, we were invited to lunch by Jonathan Masler, a former sectional rival and Wisconsin Hodag. Jonathan now works for Five Ultimate here in Seattle and we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Five facility while meeting him.

As it turns out, we got a lot more than just a glimpse. After lunch, we went back to Five and Jon introduced us to the staff and showed us around. We talked to a number of people about The Break Side and they all seemed pretty interested in what we’re doing. As a result, they are allowing us to feature them in an episode of The Break Side.

We went back to Five on Friday to film the episode. We tossed a disc around their warehouse, raced to see which one of us could put on more five gear in a minute, and did some goofy things with some of the staff members. It’s gonna be a fun video.

It was really awesome meeting the crew at Five Ultimate and getting to shoot an episode with them. It was a pretty big deal to us that such a large and reputable company was willing to collaborate with The Break Side. Thanks to Jonathan and the entire Five Ultimate crew for showing us such a good time.

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