An Update on our Updates

July 31, 2013  -  

So – in the video above – I mentioned that we have only come out with two videos since we started our trip. That’s not entirely true. What I meant to say is that we’ve only come out with two episodes. We’ve created a number of videos since we started our trip, like this one where James_throws_a_disc_really_far , or this one of Ashley Stahl beat_boxing_on_the_flute, or this short  clip that proves to our friends how bad all of us are at spikeball, or these kids_from_San_Mateo playing 7 on 7 Ultimate.

You may be wondering what actually differentiates a video from an episode. Videos can appear randomly in any update we post, and are often shorter and less produced. With episodes, we go all out and really try to feature one aspect of the trip. These can be anywhere from 7 – 20 minutes long. Sometimes we may also post a short update of our progress on this project, like we just did above.

I’m currently working on putting the footage together for the Hats, Hops and Hucks tournament we attended a couple of weeks ago, and you can look forward to that soon. Thanks you everyone for all your continued support! It’s been a crazy journey.

4 thoughts on “An Update on our Updates

  1. Eli Menaker

    Awww, thanks guys. Thanks for putting the video of me failing to get the easiest D ever because I had no idea that James was there. I really appreciate it… you better have footage of me doing something cool in the next video!!!! (If such footage exists…)

    1. Christopher Schasse Post author

      Well – I’ve got plenty of footage of you doing cool things – as long as you classify rapping in front of everyone, creating ridiculous cheers, and singing at a bon-fire as ‘cool.’ I’ve also got some good footage of you kicking over my camera 😉


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