August 16, 2013  -  

The weekend of Aug 10-11, 26 of our friends who play for Minnesota Star Power decided to join us in Seattle. As luck would have it, there was an elite mixed tournament taking place here this weekend too! MSP was fortunate enough to be a part of the 2013 Emerald City Classic, part of USA Ultimate’s inaugural Triple Crown tour. Yeah, our friends are kind of a big deal…

The MSP people started to trickle into town on Thursday night, so we had an evening of fun with Kensgaard, Soccer, Tower, and Doctor Poptart before they had to get down to business. By Friday night, the entire team had arrived in full force and was ready…for bed. I tucked them all in promptly at 9 pm (to their credit it was 11 pm central time) and then had to find something to do for the next few hours. I wasn’t trying to get a good night’s sleep before an Ultimate tournament…

MSP knew they had a tough weekend ahead of them as they were competing against some of the best mixed teams in the country. They performed_admirably on Saturday (I would know, I was rockin’ the stat sheet) but unfortunately came up a little short in each of their games. However, no one was willing to drop their heads and they came out firing on Sunday. They lost their first game 13-15 to Mental Toss Flycoons, but responded by winning their last two games to break seed.

It was really cool to watch a team of Our_Friends come into a tournament with a low seed and play every team they saw as hard as they could. Schultzy and Jeb-a-deb-deb continually came up big on D, C-Bomb, Krabby, and Boobecca made defenders look silly, and MOARavec edged out all the Tom Grunds for team heartthrob. We celebrated the successful weekend by standing_really_close_together and looking incredibly attractive.


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