Our First Dinner Date

August 17, 2013  -  

Ken and VangieThose of you who remember our Kickstarter will recall that one of the favorite rewards was a dinner date with Schasse and Wags after our return where we will relive our experiences with the donor. While our trip isn’t quite done yet, we did get a head start on our dinner dates while in Seattle.

Chris’ Dad and Step-mom, Ken and Vangie Schasse, live in Seattle and were kind enough to contribute to our Kickstarter, so we figured we’d test out our cooking skills on them before we returned home. We had planned to do the dinner on Saturday night, but Ken and Vangie were staying at a hotel about 3 hours away from the ECC tournament because I apparently don’t own a globe. I accidentally told them to book a hotel in the wrong city, but fortunately they weren’t too upset with me. All was OK in the end and we rescheduled the dinner for Sunday night once they returned to Seattle.

We cooked salmon per Ken’s exact instructions, but he was very particular about his fish, so we were constantly battling to keep him out of the kitchen. Vangie was content with a glass of wine and a spot on the couch and after several struggles, we got Ken to relax too. The salmon turned out great (although Ken insisted on giving it a look-over before it was brought out) and we feasted like people who aren’t on a summer long road trip might.

It was worth the hard work to have a nice sit-down dinner and just share some stories for a change. We’re looking forward to the rest of our dinners and we hope they are all as awesome as Jane and Kevin Murphy!

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