Minnesotans in Idaho?

August 18, 2013  -  

Disc-DonationWe knew that we would only be in Idaho for an hour or so on our way through to Montana, so we had to make our time count. We didn’t want to say that we just passed through Idaho, so we pulled into a rest stop to hopefully give a disc away.

While we were tossing a disc in the parking lot, a van with a Minnesota plate rolled up. A family with two young kids hopped out, so I ran back to the car to grab a few discs that were donated by Minnesotans. I found Jeff Wagner and Lisa Anderson (who both live in Minnesota) and the discs found their way into the hands of Levi and Piper.

As it turns out, the family was actually from Seattle and the van was a rental they were taking to Fargo. But they enjoyed the discs nonetheless. Their dad even taught them to throw a chicken wing and I’m pretty sure Levi could throw it further than either Chris or I. So I didn’t exactly get to meet any Minnesotans, but I think we still made their day!

In any case, Minnesotans are awesome. Especially Neal Hanke. I’m sad that the end of our trip is drawing near, but it’ll be fun to be back!