A Bozo Weekend

August 18, 2013  -  

James-Bozeman-GearMontana has certainly never been known for its sports teams, so we didn’t know what kind of Ultimate we’d find here when we left on this trip. And while we haven’t spent a lot of time here, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with what we’ve found.

It wasn’t as easy to find the Ultimate community here as it has been in other places. Turns out that the internet hasn’t quite taken off in Montana yet, so a lot of people didn’t see our post on their Yahoo! Group. Thankfully, Tim Staub was at the library and was able to respond to us.

He invited us to drop by the Bozeman Bike Kitchen, where he volunteers on Thursday nights. We met him there and after dismantling a bike, Chris and I followed him to Music on Main to meet some of the other Bozo Ultimate team members. It was cool to kick it with the fellas for the evening and hang out with a crew as awesome as Paula Meyer herself.

On Friday, we woke with the sun and got down to business making a video with Tim, who brews his own beer. From scratch. Using a method he learned in the mountains of Washington, Tim expertly turns barley into delicious beer. Unfortunately he had just moved to Bozeman so he didn’t have any for us to sample. Might be another reason to come back to Montana…

We’ve met a whole slew_of_cool_characters in this town, but its time to be moving on. We’ve got a lot of site seeing yet to do and only a week left. Yikes!


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