Some Awesome Sketches

November 17, 2013  -  

Meredith Bray

This is Meredith. She a member of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team at UW Eau Claire, SOL (which stands for Seven On the Line, and is also the Spanish word for Sun). She also played for NOISE this last summer, a mixed team from Madison which stands for No One Is Safe Ever, and is also an English word referring to loud sounds. With Meredith’s help, NOISE Finished 4th at Club Regionals this last year.

As well as being a baller Ultimate player, Meredith is a crazy good illustrator. Back before we left for our trip, I asked her to throw together a couple sketches for some ideas for a Break Side logo. I didn’t give her much instruction, I just told her it should have a disc in it, and to maybe a dragon, because they’re pretty cool. This is what she came up with:

Meredith's Sketches

In the end, the sketches ended up being too complex to use as a logo, but are awesome nonetheless! Maybe sometime when I’m motivated, I’ll incorporate some of these sketches into our current logo, and make it into a T-Shirt or something.

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