Colorado Springs, CO

June 20, 2013  -  

Colorado Springs

We made it to Colorado Springs just in time for the Colorado Springs Ultimate Network (CSUN) Wednesday night league games. For a modest size league, CSUN players vary greatly in age and experience levels. League President Jimmy Donnellon informed us that participants range from high school teenagers to a former UPA Director.

League Treasurer Kayleigh Hudson informed us prior to our arrival that she plays on the most fun, spirited team so we decided that we would hang out on their sidelines. Above you’ll see a photo of Wags helping pump up the Flamingos for a big second half. Unfortunately, the Flamingos came up short (Schasse’s 3 turnovers didn’t help) but a good time was had by all.

On Thursday, CSUN Vice President Nathan Woolridge invited us to a workout with his club team, SwingLine, at a place called simply, The Incline. The Incline is an old railroad track that climbed into the mountains, but was washed out in 1990. Now, the tracks are used as stairs for athletes to run and for normal people to slowly walk while stopping several times. Rising over 2000 feet in a mere ¾ of a mile, and nearly 8500 feet above sea level at its peak, The Incline is no easy task. Apolo Ohno holds one of the best times ever recorded at just under 17 minutes. It took Schasse almost 40. It took Wags longer.

After some well-deserved sleep, we left Colorado Springs for a six hour drive to the Southwest Corner of Colorado. It’s time to see some National Parks!

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