Boulder, Colorado

June 18, 2013  -  


After a fun weekend playing in Swollen Toe, Lisa Kornblith (pictured right) was kind enough to offer us a couch to crash on for a few nights. We spent our days watching tournament footage and working on the episode, and our evenings experiencing a little bit of Boulder.

On Monday, June 17, Lisa and her co-captain Peter Brehm (left) were kind enough to let us come to their Grass Roots Ultimate (GRU) league game. GRU boasts a number of leagues, including an A and B mixed division and a youth league on Monday nights. Lisa and Peter captain a team in the B division called Agent P.

Even though Lisa (and her full field flick huck) were sidelined with an injury sustained over the weekend, Peter rallied his squad and maintained their undefeated record. The captains were kind enough to let Schasse keep a GRU jersey for his participation in their games. Wags got a pat on his good shoulder for taking pictures.

After league play, the crew celebrated the evening’s success at Boulder Beer, where we were fortunate to sit next to the Brewmaster, who also plays in the GRU league. We spent the rest of the night talking Ultimate, laughing, and counting ourselves lucky to have met such a great group of people.

After another day of hard work, Lisa drove us to Pearl Street, a Boulder favorite, for an early afternoon dinner. Pearl Street is lined with cool shops and restaurants so we checked out a few before sitting down to eat. Eventually, we made our way to Mountain Sun to sample a few craft beers and have dinner. The AGM was a Chippewa Falls native and gave us a discount for being from Wisconsin.

Night was approaching fast and we wanted to get to Denver to see Wags’ high school friend, Joe Sams. We said goodbye to our Boulder friends and promised to make it back for another Colorado tournament soon. We made the short drive to Denver where we met Joe, who let us crash on his couch on Tuesday night.

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