A Cold Night in the San Juan Forest

June 21, 2013  -  

San Juan Mountains

After leaving Colorado Springs, we decided to make camp Friday night in the San Juan National Forest. We were spoiled by having a roof over our heads for over a week straight and felt the need to rough it again. We quickly regretted that decision.

We made camp as the sun went down and grilled up a quick meal before calling it a night. We soon realized that not only were we trying to sleep on somewhat of an incline, but that it was going to get very cold. Our camp was nearly 11,000 feet above sea level and the temperature dropped into the 30s during the night. Since Schasse decided against packing even a sweatshirt, and neither of us were prepared with warm sleeping bags, we made the decision that sleeping in the car would be a better option.

We awoke with the sun, feeling cold and out of breath. We wanted to make a quick getaway and make it to a more suitable breathing level, but Schasse had misplaced his phone. Luckily, after an hour and a half of searching, Wags found it in the place Schasse said he left it. Lesson learned: It is no longer safe to assume that Schasse will actually check the most obvious place for a missing item. Which is good to know because he loses important things with stunning frequency.

One thought on “A Cold Night in the San Juan Forest

  1. Jeff Wagner

    I enjoyed your first episode and also your frequent updates. It appears that you are having some interesting experiences, seeing some awesome sights, and meeting some really cool people. it also appears that you are learning a lot about each other! I am excited to keep following your journey. Travel on!
    Daddy Wags


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