Adventures in the Middle of Nowhere

July 29, 2013  -  

Ever since leaving San Francisco on Wednesday, we’ve been pretty much out of touch with the rest of the world. Turns out there isn’t much in the way of modern technology in northern Cali and most of Oregon.

That being said, we have had quite a bit of fun the past few days. It started with my friend, Eliz Bamford, flying all the way from England to spend a few days on The Break Side tour. We’ve hiked Mt. Shasta, explored_and_swam_in_Crater_Lake, and been pretty unproductive in all things Break Side.

Disc DonationThat said, we did manage to give away two discs while swimming in Whiskeytown in Northern California. Curtis, right, played a little catch with Eliz and I. His throws weren’t the best, but his heckling was spot on. There’s certainly an Ultimate player in him. Of course, we couldn’t leave his friend Daniel empty-handed, so both young men are proud new owners of discs courtesy of Taylor VanOosbree (TVO) and Jim and Kay Wagner. Thanks guys!

Lastly, I’d like to quickly mention how awesome Carol and Art Riehle are. Just because I can.

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