A Blast in the Sand

July 18, 2013  -  

Beach UltimateEvery once in awhile, when you’re on the road, you get a little homesick. For Chris and I, this past weekend was one of those times. Eau Claire hosted the Gus Macker street ball tournament and the Kubb national championships, my family had our annual Wagner Open golf tournament and family reunion, and many of our friends spent the weekend in Chicago for the Sandblast beach Ultimate tourney. It was a lot to miss, but we weren’t about to let that get us down. In fact, we spent some time at the beach ourselves.

IMG_3394Neither Chris nor I have ever played beach ultimate, so we were looking forward to a new experience. Venice beach pick-up is certainly no Sandblast, but Christopher Schoonover and his crew know how to have a good time all the same. Chris’ brother Aaron and his friend, Matt joined us for the game and we’re glad they came along. Aaron took some sweet photos and Matt had, without a doubt, the play of the day: A layout score in the back of the endzone, reaching around his defender’s outstretched arm while in mid-air.

We’ve had a great time in LA and a big thanks goes out to everyone here, especially to Aaron Schasse, his girlfriend Ellen, and her cat, Dolly, for their Kickstarter contribution and their hospitality. This may be the last posts I write in LA, but the Schasse brothers have a lot of footage that we havent used yet and I have a feeling they might be up to something…

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