Rocketsauce, CA

July 20, 2013  -  

vlcsnap-2013-07-22-15h35m35s43Ever been to a pickup game that’s been going on for 15 years straight? How about one that has its own logo, discs, and jerseys? If you answered yes to both of these, I’m sure you enjoyed Rocket sauce pickup as much as we did.

I had the opportunity to attend two Rocket sauce pickup games (Chris made it to the second one) an we also attended two Naughty Love practices, where many of the Rocket sauce attendees play club Ultimate. Rocket sauce is run by the one and only Calvin Chan, a cultivator of Ultimate pick-up games. Calvin, pictured above has created and run several pickup games in the LA area, the longest running of which is Rocket sauce.

Rocketsauce has a large variety of players, from guys who have been playing in the Monday night game for all 15 years to high school boys and girls who were just learning to walk when the first game was played. Calvin tries to maintain a balance of veteran players with a strong knowledge of the game with younger players just getting into the sport. Then, when he feels that players are ready for the next level, he introduces them to a club or league team. Club teams have even started coming to him to recommend players they should look at.

So, I lied. I wrote one more post about LA. But Calvin and the crew had too cool of a setup not to mention. I mean, there were over 40 players both times I attended Rocket sauce! And they were all good! LA really is a great place to be introduced to the sport of Ultimate. But we’ve had enough fun in this city. Bay area here we come!

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