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January 9, 2014  -  

Parallel Parking

This summer, I learned a lot of great things about James Wagner. He’s very talented at many things, but there’s some things that he just doesn’t do all that well. One of them is parallel parking. I can’t even keep track of how many times we drove around looking for parking spots, while I pointed out dozens of spots that were open between two cars.

So when we got back, like any good friend, I started taking pictures of impressive spots I parked into, and sending them to Wags. It became somewhat of a challenge for me to see how tight of a spot I could get into, and I got pretty good at it.

So I made a website to showcase all my pictures on: http://parallelparking.weebly.com/. The website has gained a lot of popularity over the last month, and Volume One (a local magazine in Eau Claire) did a short article about my parking skills and posting a link on their facebook page.

Volume One Article

Many users commented on the thread. Most were impressed by my skills, many were skeptical, but some were downright outraged by how my parking was inconveniencing those around me:
Facebook User's Comment

Unfortunately, I moved to a house closer to campus, so I probably won’t be posting anymore photos, but you can expect to see a video once I finish editing The Break Side webseries.

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