They have Ultimate in Rapid City, SD?!?

August 24, 2013  -  

Rapid-CityI know, I know, I was skeptical too. But after touring the Wind Caves and Mount Rushmore, Chris sent a message to the Rapid City Ultimate facebook group. Dana Jensen responded within 7 minutes and invited us over for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t give him enough notice to organize a pick-up game, but it was cool to just be able to hang out with another Ultimate player. And the dude made a mean burger.

Dana said it would be cool if we crashed at his place, meaning we were able to successful sleep at an Ultimate player’s house in every state we stayed in. I think that’s pretty cool, almost as cool as Geoff and Cindy Moeding (who is responsible for a last minute donation which resulted in this), especially considering how spur-of-the-moment it was. What’s even cooler is the fact that we ended the evening by watching R. Kelly’s Hip-Opera, Trapped In The Closet, in its entirety. It’s a little weird to think that we almost went the whole summer without watching Trapped, so I’m glad we fit it in.

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