Mesa Verde and Four Corners Area

June 23, 2013  -  

Sunday gave us the opportunity to be especially touristy. We drove to Mesa Verde National Park where James was excited to finally get some use out of his recently purchased National Parks pass. The ranger at the entrance knew we were virgins and asked James to sign the back of the pass. She also told him to be prepared to show his ID at all future entrances.  When asked if she needed his ID now, the ranger responded, “No, I’m assuming you’re going to sign you own name.”

Pleased with the humor of the Park’s employees, the fellas drove the winding road until they got to Spruce Tree House, home of Mesa Verde’s most well preserved Anasazi cliff dwellings. After hiking around for 2-3 miles, we finally stumbled  on the cliff dwellings that were very clearly marked. We snappped a few pictures, Wags explained what a kiva is to Schasse four times,  and we called it a day at the Park.

After Mesa Verde, we made the short journey southwest to the Four Corners “Monument.” For three dollars a person you can stand on the only spot in the country where four states come together at one point. After waiting our turn in line, we decided to do more than just stand:

The thrill of being able to jump between four different states eventually wore off  (hard to believe, I know) but we weren’t ready to leave such an exciting place just yet. We grabbed a disc and the video camera and hiked up and around some rock formations to get some footage of the surrounding area. We were most unsuccessful in that endeavor. However, what did ensure was a little trickery by Schasse and a good workout for Wags:

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