We’ve Got Discs

December 1, 2013  -  



That’s right, like all good Ultimate players, we’ve ordered discs to help spread the word about The Break Side. Featuring the logo created by Aaron Schasse, our discs are USAU approved, 175 gram, 27 cm diameter flatballs that are guaranteed to make you look good.

If you’d like to order one (or five), we’re selling them for $10 a piece. However, if you order multiple, we might be willing to cut you a deal for being so awesome. That said, if you’re an independent person who wants to order without having to talk to one of us, feel free to order online here. We would be more than willing to ship to any of the 14 states we visited this summer, or any other state for that matter! We’ve got plenty to go around and we don’t want you to be the only ones with a Break Side disc.


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