GoPro, Take 2!

July 13, 2013  -  

We were pretty devastated when our GoPro was lost to us one week into the trip. We lost all our footage of the mountainous Colorado scenery and of course, we were out one expensive camera for the remainder of the trip.  However, the road trip gods must be fans of The Break Side, as we now have another GoPro in our arsenal.

Immediately after the first camera was lost, Schasse went to work pleading our case to the powers that be at GoPro. After a series of emails, GoPro offered us a new camera for 40% off the retail price. Schasse was about to take the deal when his mother, Marilyn, stepped up to the bat again for us. Negotiating in a style that only a mother can, Marilyn talked GoPro into giving us a better deal. A deal was struck and Marilyn arranged for the GoPro to be waiting for us when we arrived in Phoenix.

Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time and retrieve the footage of Colorado, we at least we have a camera to use going forward. Here’s a sneak peak at what you’re going to get to see throughout the rest of this trip:

Big thanks to Carter Blochwitz (aka DJ Anansi) for letting us use his song “The Thing Is…” – you can check out more of his stuff at

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