Dan the Ultimate Man

September 4, 2013  -  

After spending 2.5 months on the road meeting and showing off awesome Ultimate people, we decided to take a day to show off someone in the Twin Cities. While we have a lot of friends who do some pretty cool stuff, we decided that Dan Kaler would be the best person to feature. Our rationale for this was pretty simple: Dan is just cooler than anyone else we know. He’s the type of guy you would hate just because he does everything really well, but he’s just too cool not to love.

Dan invited us to his house to film him on an average Saturday afternoon. For me, a normal Saturday consists of sitting around and doing a lot of nothing all day. But Dan fills his free time with longboarding, kitesurfing, wakesurfing, brewing beer, playing lawn games, and grilling. Of course, that’s just what he does when he doesn’t have anything interesting planned. When he’s not spending his time doing these “tame” activities, he likes to skydive, bungee jump, mountain bike, and of course, play Ultimate really really well.

As it was, we got to spend some time out on the boat where Mr. Kaler taught us the basics of wakesurfing. It took Schasse two tries to get up on the board and in no time he was throwing a disc back and forth to me on the boat. It took me probably 20 tries and costed me most of my self-esteem, but eventually I too was wakesurfing. Dan says that he’s never failed to get someone up on the board, but I gotta figure I was one of his worst students. In the end, perseverance paid off and Schasse now has a ton of outtakes to use for this episode.

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